VRAAA Podcast


Synergy is the key to each VRAAA podcast. Whether if it’s a live performance or DJ set, all VRAAA podcasts features back-to-back mixes by two different artistic entities with opposing gender views. All of the podcasts must be recorded in one take.


I’ve got a theory.
Individuals are divided in two categories:
The ordinary and the extraordinary.
Ordinary people are correct.
Those living in obedience and who like living like that.
Now, the extraordinary are those who create something new.
All those who break the Old Law.
The destroyers.
The first maintain the world as it is.
The others will move the world to attain to their objectives.
Even if to do so, they have to commit a crime.

The first VRAAA podcast is an original live mix, recorded in one take, featuring the two artistic identities of VRAAA Records’ Pope/High Priestess, Diego Garcia. The mix starts with Diego’s masculine identity: Projekt Gestalten, with melodic textures, softer tempos and trippy acid lines and ends with Diego’s feminine identity: The Princess of Death; approaching techno with more distortions, faster tempos and noises often associated with patriarchal values.

Spoken word taken from the movie “Nina” (2004) by Heitor Dhalia.
Artwork by Vargtimmen with Graphic Design by Diego Garcia